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About A-Z Packaging

A-Z Packaging was established in 1985. Having been in the packaging business for many years, we have made it our goal to ensure that our customers benefit from that longevity and level of expertise. We are constantly investing in new ways to provide multi-material packaging solutions, which incorporate superior engineering quality, for a constantly improved manufacturing process tailored specifically to our customer’s needs.

Our company is very unique, we mix manufacturing with distribution, combined with reliable “Just-In-Time” service, all at a low cost. This gives our customers the opportunity to deal with just one supplier for their custom packaging solutions. See more about all of our excellent services.



Our mission is to become Michigan’s greatest leader in multi-material packaging needs. A-Z Packaging is constantly working to continually improve our products and services to exceed our customer’s needs, while allowing us to prosper as a business. We dedicate our time to think outside the box on differentiating our company from others to become your go-to supplier in the midwest. We strive to provide motivation for our employees in an enjoyable environment of creativity and learning while encouraging community stewardship and high ethics. Our team's only focus will be on the needs of our customers and product quality as we pursue growth in the market.



PEOPLE: Our people are our single biggest asset. They provide expertise, intelligence, and determine our reputation and vitality. Dedication and teamwork are our core human values.

PRODUCTS:  Our products are based on quality with efficiency and nothing less. They are designed to be the best in serving our customer’s needs.

INTEGRITY: Be honest and ethical in our business practices. Keep our promises and loyalness to all customers.


Contact A-Z Packaging for all of your customized packaging solutions. We are a proud Michigan company, and we look forward to serving your needs and exceeding your expectations. 


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